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Copyright MindMatrix, Inc. 2015 Legal/Trademarks MindMatrix, Inc. For over a decade now, MindMatrix, Inc. has been bridging the gap between marketing and sales through its range of innovative marketing software. As the leading provider of marketing automation software, MindMatrix offers marketing automation solutions to enhance your company's performance.MindMatrix software and services enable hundreds of companies to include personalized web-to-print materials, e-presentations, transparent campaign management, drip marketing, sales activity tracking, and sales channel support in their sales and marketing initiatives. commercial real estate marketing, commercial real estate software, marketing software, lead generation, email marketing software, email marketing solution, bulk email marketing, direct marketing software, online marketing software, automated marketing system, automated marketing systems, email tracking, tracking email, targeted lead generation, online marketing software, sales lead generation, internet marketing tools, internet marketing software, personalization, marketing tools, real estate marketing tools, real estate online marketing, marketing real estate, real estate marketing ideas, sales lead management, sales lead, single sales lead, marketing management Personalizing marketing materials is the key to making sure you get noticed. Our internet marketing tools offer a wide range of opportunity to personalize your marketing—whether it is through e-mails, micro-websites, e-catalogs, flash or PowerPoint presentations, we have the solution. Not only that, our tools also ensure that keeping these materials updated is a breeze by mechanizing the entire process! inVision helps you create customized marketing materials such as database-driven flyers, postcards, newsletters, proposals, and other print-quality documents. InVision’s unique editing systems lend it the scalablity and flexibility to suit all your printing needs. Effective management of marketing campaigns is the key to increasing sales. With our automating marketing systems, you can work with multi layer and multi channel campaigns. Our tools enable e-mail tracking so that you know how your campaigns are performing. Not only that, we take marketing automation a step ahead by automatically adjust your campaigns on the basis of the response. We understand that you will be working with various data storage and retrieval systems. Our tools can be easily integration with any relational database, via XML. This means compatibility with your CRM systems, prospect databases, product lifecycle systems, content management systems, and more, thus eliminating waste of time and effort on duplication of data. We enable you to market your services efficiently and effectively, thereby ensuring that you meet your full sales potential. Our marketing automation solutions close the gap between marketing and sales. We bring an increased level of flexibility and ease in marketing. Our automated marketing systems can help reduce your marketing and process costs, while bringing about a greater co-ordination between your sales and marketing teams. With our automated marketing solutions, you can rest assured that your company’s marketing efforts are directed where the money is.